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Before contacting your doctor, please check the medications we currently  have in stock.

Download the prescriber cover letter and kindly provide it to your doctor

Could you please provide the information that you would like to include in the revised prescription?

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    Get in touch with your prescriber
    Your healthcare provider will transmit your prescription.
    We will Check the prescriptions provided by you and notify via email within 24 hours.


    We’ve got answers.

    After receiving your prescription, we’ll prompt you to log in and check out, showing the full price before payment confirmation.

    To obtain the best results, have your doctor send an electronic prescription to us. Visit for instructions on how to acquire your prescription.

    For a seamless process, kindly request your prescriber to send the prescription to our online pharmacy partner at Follow the instructions provided for guidance on obtaining your prescription.

    It varies based on your provider. We suggest checking with them if the prescription has been sent, and we’ll notify you upon receiving it..

    Feel free to order the medication as prescribed by your doctor. For instance, if you have 3 refills on your prescription, you can place three separate orders, one for each refill. When your prescription allows refills, you can order them once you have utilized 50% of the day supply. For larger orders, please consult your doctor and ask them to issue a new prescription for a larger quantity.

    We can provide the equivalent high-quality generic drug for brand-name medications with your doctor’s approval. However, fulfilling requests for specific manufacturers is challenging due to our diverse drug inventory. Hence, we cannot guarantee that you will receive the same manufacturer with every order placed.